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Passenger Flow Monitoring and Queue Measurement System

Occupancy levels

Airports use counting data to determine the occupancy level of terminals and lounges. In crowded areas with a lot of passengers, more products can be sold or more security should be present. When placing promotional displays, the value of the display spot can be determined based on the number of visitors or passers.

Rental price of shops

Counting the number of visitors of passers in airports is the most accurate and honest way of determining the rental price. Let the rental price depend on estimates is not fair for either tenant or landlord. Measure the number of footfall and visitors to calculate the correct rental price.

Effectiveness of stores

Are we still on track? Figures based on revenue and amount of receipt doesn’t give a correct outcome. Link it to the number of visitors and you have reliable figures, figures that really calculate the store performance. By measuring the effectiveness, your staff can be deployed more efficient and reliable predictions can be done.

Frequency toilet cleaning

It easy to make a toilet cleaning planning. But is it an efficient planning? By counting the use of toilets in the airport, it will be easy to make an efficient toilet cleaning planning. Some toilets are used more frequently than others. And some parts of the day the toilets are more used than other parts of the day.

The next questions will be answered if you use a Solva counting system:

  • What is the course of visitors during a day?
  • What is the effect of promotional campaigns?
  • How many people are currently in the waiting area?
  • How long to people stay in the waiting area?
  • What is the ideal routing?
  • How much staff do we have to deploy and when?
  • When and where are the queues? (check-ins, security gates)