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By counting in casinos it will be easier to determine how often slot machines and gamble tables are being used. Also can be measured which areas in the casino are the busiest and which areas are less busy.

  • Which promotional displays are getting the most attention?
  • In which areas is it the busiest?

Amusement parks

Queues in front of attractions, food corners or cash registers give visitors a bad experience. Of course, queues are impossible to rule out, but can be made more manageable. A commonly used technique to measure queues is though average waiting time, often measured manually. A counting system provides more possibilities – the prediction and comparing of data. It is also possible to provide visitors real-time information about queue waiting times in front of attractions. This increases the visitor experience and ensures that staff can be deployed more efficiently.

  • Keep an eye on the queue waiting times
  • What is the conversion of kiosks, food corners or restaurants?


Visitors in clubs are often counted at the entrance based on the amount of sold tickets. However, it does not give any insight of the occupancy in the building. For safety reasons, it is often necessary to know how many people are in certain areas in the building.

  • In which parts of the building is it the busiest?
  • How many people are inside?


To monitor the success of an event, you have to compare your data yearly. The number of visitors is important to the success of an event. Which stands or acts have been visited most?

Monitoring an event is also important for the security of visitors. This can be done by managing multiple entrances and monitoring the maximum number of visitors that are allowed.

Solva measures visitors in real-time during an event.  This way it is possible to get large number of visitors at a public event in the right direction. This is called ‘crowd control’. Our 100% wireless counting systems allow our customers to measure visitors in any circumstances, without the use of complex cables and networks.

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