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Optimise the shopping experience and improve profitability through data-driven insights

Determine the rent

A Solva counting system can be the ideal tool to determine the rental prices in real estate and properties. By counting the passing traffic (footfall and/or cars), the value of property can be determined based on attractive power.

The law requires that rental prices have to be compared to rental prices of comparable properties. Research has shown that this is the most important factor for retailers to determine whether or not the retailer will rent the property. More passers also offer more opportunities to allure a greater number of people to buy and to increase turnover.

With help from analytical counting data from permanent passers, the rental prices can be calculated in a transparent way. The number of passers is a crucial figure for retailers and real estate managers. Transparency in number of passers increases acceptance for both tenants as landlords.

Number of visitors & turnover

Besides determining the rent, permanent measuring the number of passers also provides insight in the number of visitors and expenditure patterns. If the tenant states that turnover is decreasing, while the number of visitors stays the same, would it be fair to hold the landlord responsible for loss of business?

Occupancy floors

Save energy and cleaning costs by getting more insight into the utilization of all floors. By using counting systems on each floor, the incoming and outgoing traffic will be measured. The data can be interpreted and analyzed to optimize the cleaning schedule or adjust the energy distribution.

These questions will be answered if you start counting with a Solva counting system:

  • Should I invest in this location?
  • Is the estimated number of visitors correct?
  • How important is the shop opening of a competitor?
  • What does the market looks like in this area?
  • Is it wise to invest despite the current crisis?
  • Which growth potential offers this location?
  • Is the market saturated?