What are Best Sensors for tracking and counting?

/What are Best Sensors for tracking and counting?

What are Best Sensors for tracking and counting?

Depending on purpose, type of business, allowances and local circumstances, available sensors for Tracking (Heatmapping, Queuing) and Counting (indoor, outdoor) are:

  • Thermal
  • 2D\ 3D Video
  • Beam\ Switch

Best applicable sensors are chosen by reading and following all steps as described in our Whitepaper ‘Picking Best System’


Almost all systems are reliable wired. Although wireless system promised to be flexible and easy to install: the sensitivity of measuringsystems, defects and high costs occuring when replacing batteries and errors because of reflection, interference and poor radioreception causes these systems often being replaced in a few years after starting.

Promised batterylife up to 3yrs often is often shorted severely by wide entrances and obstruction causing systems to power consuming and batterydraining syncing.



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