Why start Counting??

/Why start Counting??

Why start Counting??

Automatic peoplecounting is crucial in assessing factors affecting traffic and trends among your visitors. Accurately counting and monitoring customer traffic is vital for evaluating and improving your business performance.

People counting enables you:

  • Understand if your advertising is working: it should generate traffic! Only your shops´, staff and process´task is to convert traffic into turnover!
  • Improve staff scheduling: your staffing based on turnover made last year of better on forecasted visitors now..??
  • Understand sales performance, productivity, sales conversion, missed opportunities, determine store hours.
  • Plan sales events.
  • Comprehend the impact of holidays, weather, etc.
  • Refine strategic planning and training.
  • Optimize store layout/design and sales by square metre.
  • Discover traffic flows/penetration and decide fixture positions.
  • Make decisions about locating shopping trolleys/baskets, restrooms etc.
  • Determine category management, conversion by category, impact on neighbouring category.
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