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EAS Integration possible?2017-11-03T16:28:15+00:00

Yes, horizontal systems can be integrated in most antennes. AM-systems sometimes are influenced. Please notice that this way of measuring limits to measuring at entrances, doesn’t allow you to cover antennas with pics and covers and measuring inside areas is not possible.

Fraud possible?2017-11-03T16:23:52+00:00

Highest conversionratios: our mutual goal. Without fraud. Best togéther with employees. By explaining goals and means clearly. And, good to know: software comes with antifraud detection…

Streettraffic available?2017-10-30T17:12:07+00:00

Streettrafic, or often called ‘Peel off ratio’ can be used to measure locationquality, shopwindow effectivity and to interpret and reflect varying changes in numbers of visitors. Compensations for present parkings, office areas, wide areas and squares are important to be able to effectively use these numbers in your own KPI’s. Measuring can often be done from your local branch.

Is Software SaaS Cloudbased or Locally installed2017-10-30T16:04:58+00:00

Both possible! More and more companies choose Cloudbased operation, but having software installed locally on both fysical as virual servers is no problem.

Dataloss and Systemstability2017-10-30T17:02:49+00:00

Most systems store data locally for longer periods. When loosing network, data will be recovered when HQ connection is restored. Most basic functionalities can be monitoring  for early warning.

What about our existing Counters??2017-11-03T16:17:31+00:00

Most existing sensor (counter)types can be integrated, combined with new ones and used to continue counting and expansion. Show us type and numbers and we will offer integration, service take over and maintainance where possible!

We only use components from premiumbrands that can be combined with most countingsystems available.

Counting in Shop in Shops?2017-10-30T15:01:34+00:00

Our systems easily measure Shop in Shop visitors, zoning and dwelling. Hand over some pics from ceilings and storelayouts and we will offer the right configuration.

Counting Incoming or Outgoing?2017-10-30T16:07:22+00:00

Although seemingly In and Out numbers have to be the same, during the day they are certainly not!
Where Out is needed for Conversionratio, In is needed for staffing and both are needed for Occupancy and Calibration!

How accurate are counting systems?2017-11-03T16:41:23+00:00

MAXIMUM accuracy depends on used sensors and can be up to 98-99%.
PRACTICAL accuracy depends on lightingconditions, local circumstances and visitorflow density and -behaviour.
NEEDED accuracy depends on your business and possibilities for improvement.

A guarantueed accuracy is suspicious! Accurracy is strongly depending on local circumstances like:
*Density of footfall\ visiotrs flow
*wideness of entrance
*mounting location
*height of measurement (horizontal systems)

Measuring more accurate then needed drives up costs. Measuring less accurate then needed is a waste.. ask us for advice!


Do your systems run lifelong?2017-10-30T13:50:53+00:00

Technical lifespan of our systems exceeds 15 year, earliest systems still run more then 25 years. Economical lifespan is determined by accuracy and firmware. Despite of support and maintainance, keeping up with network and internet developments is not always possible with older systems…

Why start Counting??2017-11-03T16:13:08+00:00

Automatic peoplecounting is crucial in assessing factors affecting traffic and trends among your visitors. Accurately counting and monitoring customer traffic is vital for evaluating and improving your business performance.

People counting enables you:

  • Understand if your advertising is working: it should generate traffic! Only your shops´, staff and process´task is to convert traffic into turnover!
  • Improve staff scheduling: your staffing based on turnover made last year of better on forecasted visitors now..??
  • Understand sales performance, productivity, sales conversion, missed opportunities, determine store hours.
  • Plan sales events.
  • Comprehend the impact of holidays, weather, etc.
  • Refine strategic planning and training.
  • Optimize store layout/design and sales by square metre.
  • Discover traffic flows/penetration and decide fixture positions.
  • Make decisions about locating shopping trolleys/baskets, restrooms etc.
  • Determine category management, conversion by category, impact on neighbouring category.
Countingsystems need maintainance?2017-10-30T14:20:37+00:00

Maintainance is part of our Customer care program.
Support and maintainance means calibration, re-installation, interfacing, training and repair. We are a full service- and solutions provider which means: customer service in all aspects of its business, before, during and after start-up of your project. You benefit from full personalized, certified  and professional support which is one of key elements of the Solva people counting solution.

On-Site International installation and service?2017-10-30T17:02:02+00:00

Local Solva certified (approved) engineers provide On-Site turn-key installation, set-up service, interfacing and maintainance to get and keep People-counting systems up and running. As quickly as possible.

What are Best Sensors for tracking and counting?2017-10-30T17:04:05+00:00

Depending on purpose, type of business, allowances and local circumstances, available sensors for Tracking (Heatmapping, Queuing) and Counting (indoor, outdoor) are:

  • Thermal
  • 2D\ 3D Video
  • Beam\ Switch

Best applicable sensors are chosen by reading and following all steps as described in our Whitepaper ‘Picking Best System’


Almost all systems are reliable wired. Although wireless system promised to be flexible and easy to install: the sensitivity of measuringsystems, defects and high costs occuring when replacing batteries and errors because of reflection, interference and poor radioreception causes these systems often being replaced in a few years after starting.

Promised batterylife up to 3yrs often is often shorted severely by wide entrances and obstruction causing systems to power consuming and batterydraining syncing.



POS-Interface, import and export Peoplecounting data?2017-11-03T16:16:19+00:00

With the flexible interface configurator, our software connects to virtually all 3rd party MIS\POS systems next to standard available software connections. Importing 3rd party data (POS\ Weather\ etc.) to easen and speed up datacombination and calculation is possible too. Reports can be delivered once or repeatedly automated in various ways.

Where countingsystems earlier connected direct to POS systems locally, now direct networkconnections to cloud or headoffice are more common. It offers more functionality, easier management and support.

Securitycams as Counter or Counters to secure?2017-10-30T17:01:09+00:00

Where securitycams do have to see as wide as possible, countersensors like to monitor an area as small as possible. Therefore securitycams are positioned less optimal to count accurate. Next to that, securitycams are not optimized and calibrated for accurate counting. Countersensors often do not comply with regulations binding for systems used as alarm or to secure and miss crucial features to notify users. Storing camera images is submitted to laws of privacy.