EAS Integration possible?

Yes, horizontal systems can be integrated in most antennes. AM-systems sometimes are influenced. Please notice that this way of measuring limits to measuring at entrances, doesn't allow you to cover antennas with pics and covers and measuring inside areas is not possible.

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How accurate are counting systems?

MAXIMUM accuracy depends on used sensors and can be up to 98-99%. PRACTICAL accuracy depends on lightingconditions, local circumstances and visitorflow density and -behaviour. NEEDED accuracy depends on your business and possibilities for improvement. A guarantueed accuracy is suspicious! Accurracy is strongly depending on local circumstances like: *Density of footfall\ visiotrs flow *wideness of entrance *mounting location *height of [...]

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Do your systems run lifelong?

Technical lifespan of our systems exceeds 15 year, earliest systems still run more then 25 years. Economical lifespan is determined by accuracy and firmware. Despite of support and maintainance, keeping up with network and internet developments is not always possible with older systems...

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