Fraud possible?

Highest conversionratios: our mutual goal. Without fraud. Best togéther with employees. By explaining goals and means clearly. And, good to know: software comes with antifraud detection...

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Streettraffic available?

Streettrafic, or often called 'Peel off ratio' can be used to measure locationquality, shopwindow effectivity and to interpret and reflect varying changes in numbers of visitors. Compensations for present parkings, office areas, wide areas and squares are important to be able to effectively use these numbers in your own KPI's. Measuring can often be done [...]

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What about our existing Counters??

Most existing sensor (counter)types can be integrated, combined with new ones and used to continue counting and expansion. Show us type and numbers and we will offer integration, service take over and maintainance where possible! We only use components from premiumbrands that can be combined with most countingsystems available.

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Counting Incoming or Outgoing?

COUNT BOTH! Although seemingly In and Out numbers have to be the same, during the day they are certainly not! Where Out is needed for Conversionratio, In is needed for staffing and both are needed for Occupancy and Calibration!

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