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From A Simple Conversion Report To A Complete Analytics Platform

Advantage to your operations

Efficient utilization of bandwidth and storage

AXIS P12 and AXIS F Series cameras deliver multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression, which greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage needs without compromising image quality. With the cameras’ built-in microSD/microSDHC card slot for video storage, there’s no need for additional equipment like DVRs — saving you money and space. It can also serve as a backup in case the primary storage fails.

Remote access

With remote access to live and recorded video, you can facilitate quick investigations and save on resources. There is no need to wait for a security team to open an ATM and retrieve the video.

Tampering alarm

Automatic alerts ensure your surveillance system always works, and can also indicate crimes in progress so you can take immediate action.

Wide Dynamic Range

AXIS F Series Network Cameras support wide dynamic range, which enables details from both bright and dark areas of a scene to be visible — ideal for scenarios at entrances or in front of ATMs where the subject would usually be dark against a bright background.

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