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Know the exact number of visitors, those turned into buyers and the optimal number of staff to your customer ratio!

Many retailers make calculations based on cash register data. It does say something about turnover, but something crucial is missing:

How long visitors stay and consume?

Solva helps retail convert visitors into buyers by providing insights in visitor data per shop, per day and per hour. Solva counting systems can be used to optimize pathways, measure queues or measure the impact of promotional displays.

Measuring Consumer Behavior

Measuring customer behavior will be much easier using a Solva counting system. Traditionally, customer behavior has been measured through turnover and sales. However, this is an outdated and less effective way. By counting and tracking your customers, you will get more insights in your customers and efficient arranging your store will be easier. A better store layout can lead to a higher turnover and reduces staff costs.

The next questions will be answered if you start counting in retail:

  • In which direction do visitors walk when they enter the store?
  • Which entrances are most used?

  • Which products can I move to obtain a higher turnover?

  • Which hours are the busiest?

  • Was my promotional campaign successful?

  • Are my customers being served well during lunch times?

  • What are the best opening hours?

  • Which pathways have the most influence in my store?

  • Does my customer find what he or she is looking for?

Peak Hours

Everyone can make estimations, but do you really know what the busiest hours are? A prediction about peak hours gives an accurate insight in visitors’ expectations and ensures a better staff deployment. Your staff can only serve a certain amount of customers per hour. If you have too few staff on certain hours, you will lose revenue. Too much staff will cost you money.

Calculating True Conversion Rate

Calculating conversion without counting visitors gives a wrong indication. Traditional conversion is calculated by the amount of receipts, amount of sold products and revenue. Revenue and the average amount of receipts could be increased with 2%, but what if the amount of visitors is increased with 5%? The real conversion would be less high. Calculating conversion without counting visitors gives a wrong impression of your performance.

Increase Customer satisfaction

Nobody loves queues at the cash register, queues at fitting rooms or bad staff service. By counting exactly how many people are in queue on certain hours at cash registers, service desks or fitting rooms, it will be easier to take action and improve your customer service. Customer satisfaction leads to higher sales!

Product and assortment monitoring

By counting intensively how often customers walk past by shelves, you can gain an insight in:

  • The impact of a new product
  • How many times customers look at in-store advertisements
  • How often visitor stop near displays or shelves
  • Which areas in the stores are most visited
  • Which areas need more staff for a higher service level

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