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Queue Management

Did you know that customers always over estimate their wait time by 50%. Waiting is extremely frustrating, distressful and time consuming. We provide our client’s with exceptional customer experience through Single & Multiple line queue system & Virtual Queue Systems. Our solutions help reduce wait time, provide fair delivery and in return eliminate stress.

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Determine the rental price

To determine the rental price in shopping centers, it is of great importance to know how many visitors the shopping center attracts. Visitors can also be measured per shop to have more accurate counting data. Do you know which 5 stores perform best regarding visitor attraction? How many visitors attract the shopping center per day, per month or per year? This is crucial information for shopping center managers or shopping center directors. Attracting visitors is one of the most important goals of a shopping center. If you don’t know how many visitors you attract, it’s difficult to determine the rental price.

Path ways / entrances & exits

Where do my customers walk through the shopping center? In which direction do they mostly go? Why are my customers walking in a certain direction? Via which entrance do most of the visitors enter the shopping center? And via which exit do they leave? A Solva counting solution provides insights in path ways of a shopping center. Make use of popular path ways by placing promotional displays for maximal impact. Data retrieved from path ways can also influence the rental prices.


Counting can make a shopping center saver as it provides accurate information about the occupancy in the shopping center. Security can be adjusted by the number of visitors to make the shopping center saver.

These questions can be answered if you start counting in a shopping center:

  • Which future investments are required?
  • What are the hotspots in the shopping center?
  • Which effect has changing the opening hours?
  • How successful was my marketing campaign?