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TRACKERS: for Queuing, Routing and Heatmapping

  • What engages or interests visitors?

  • Find your hot and cold spots

  • Best stragic staffing positions?

  • Make routing similar for all locations!

  • Don’t they find or don’t they like….

For structured and large and unstructured queues. Queue management systems decrease customer wait time and increase service efficiency and revenue. Manage: Queue Length Average- and Total Wait Time

How much lanes a system can cover depends on: Height of the ceiling, Wideness per lane, Queue length & -pattern, Clear view


  • Bi-directional

  • Mounting: 13 meter maximum

  • Entrance width: 40 meter maximum

  • Power: PoE, Adapter

  • Devicemanagement: Remote

BEST CHOICE: depends on type of business, needed accuracy and most common local situations. Ask for our ‘Choose your system’ manual!

STEREOSCOPIC Video: Unmatched accuracy. Distinguishing shoppingunits, carts, adults from kids, pathlenghts.

THERMAL: use array sensors to detect heat sources. Counts stable and accurate in all lighting levels. While not using identifiable people-images, no privacy issues occur.

MONOSCOPIC Video: Accuracy strongly varies depending on background, light level, shadows and contrasts.

IR BEAMS: Reliable affordable technique vulnerable for low accuracy and fraude.

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