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For rail, vehicle and bus manufacturers, public transport services
and public transport authorities all over the world

  • Identify peak times to match terminal occupancies
  • Line up staffing with actual passenger volume
  • Measure season traffic for long term planning
  • Monitor usage and ridershiptrends
  • Reallocate resources to fit passenger loads
  • Management maintenance to improve satisfaction
  • Determine where to add or eliminate service.
  • Measure people traffic as reponse to promotions
  • Automated reporting
  • Data analysis at different levels
Solva Bus Passenger Counting System

People Counting for Bus

  • Less false travelling
  • Online insight occupancy
  • Stops: skip, move or eliminate?
  • Realtime passenger information
  • Data blended with station identification
  • Slow traffic zone identification

People Counting for Airports

Zoom in
  • Busiest places need best technology
  • Fast queuing for fastest embarking
  • Passenger journeys tracked
  • KPI´s based on predicted traffic
  • See popular areas, hotspots by flow
  • Measure occupancy of floors and zones

People Counting for Rail

  • integrated with on-board information systems
  • operate with dedicated architecture
  • Collect statistic passengersinformation
  • high reliability in extreme conditions
  • Data blended with vehicle information

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