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Track, Adapt, Sell!

Control your Turnover

Use smart KPI´s and rule their drivers! Know where to go by knowing where you come from..

  • Turnover per visitor?

  • Fitters vs Buyers?

Irresistable Layout

What interests and what engages? How to strategically position staff ?

  • What paths are followed?

  • Entrances are used how?

  • Best product placing?

  • What are best openinghours?

Satisfy all Customers!

Satisfied? We´ll be back! Serve us. With a smile. Immediately…. Not like queuing! Nowhere…. When happy, we buy more and see you again…

  • Is servicelevel optimal all the time?

  • Does my customer find what he or she is looking for?

Customer Behave.. perfect!

Easy to Please! Discover you visitors behavior and needs..

  • Happy about service?

  • Dwellingtime increased?

  • Coming for fun or just for run?