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Flowing, counting and qeueing: real-time, online Insights with
“SaySoo KPI on the GO”

Insights Set Up

  • Gathering KPI’s (key metrics), Business requirements
  • Determine new strategy for performance optimization
  • Setting Budgets, time scales
  • Counter- and supplierselection (RFI/RFP questionnaires)
  • Set up advice- and staff train traject to maximise ROI


  • Deliveryplan and installation schedule
  • Installation and\or support to preferred installer
  • Equipment-, software- and  server Installation/configuration
  • Data Delivery and Integration with BI platform
  • Setting up the system, training and delivery handover

Operation-After Sales:

  • Dedicated team to ensure maximum results and reliable operation
  • Proactive Support, Monitoring and -maintenance
  • User Account Management, Accuracy Audit System, staff Training
  • Hosting, Maintainance Knowledge Base