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Increase the efficiency of different areas by measuring the performance of your entrances, hallways and other key spaces.

Determine the rental price

For determination of best rental pricing, knowlegde about numbers of visitors attracted is very important. Even per shop. Which 5 stores perform best regarding visitor attraction? How many visitors per day, per month, per year? This is crucial information for shopping center managers or shopping center directors. Attracting visitors is one of the most important goals of a shopping center.

Law requires rental prices to be compared to rental prices of similar properties. Analytics allow you to present all figures transparent. To increase acceptance with tenants, landlords and real estate managers.

Occupancy floors

Save energy and cleaning costs by getting more insight into the utilization of all floors. By using counting systems on each floor, the incoming and outgoing traffic will be measured. The data can be interpreted and analyzed to optimize the cleaning schedule or adjust the energy distribution.

These questions will be answered if you start counting with a Solva counting system:

  • Should I invest in this location?
  • Is the estimated number of visitors correct?
  • How important is the shop opening of a competitor?
  • What does the market looks like in this area?
  • Is it wise to invest despite the current crisis?
  • Which growth potential offers this location?
  • Is the market saturated?


Counting can make a shopping center saver as it provides accurate information about the occupancy in the shopping center. Security can be adjusted by the number of visitors to make the shopping center saver.

These questions can be answered if you start counting in a shopping center:

  • Which future investments are required?
  • What are the hotspots in the shopping center?
  • Which effect has changing the opening hours?
  • How successful was my marketing campaign?

Number of visitors & turnover

Besides determining the rent, permanent measuring the number of passers also provides insight in the number of visitors and expenditure patterns. If the tenant states that turnover is decreasing, while the number of visitors stays the same, would it be fair to hold the landlord responsible for loss of business?

Path ways / entrances & exits

Where do my customers walk through the shopping center? In which direction do they mostly go? Why are my customers walking in a certain direction? Via which entrance do most of the visitors enter the shopping center? And via which exit do they leave? A Solva counting solution provides insights in path ways of a shopping center. Make use of popular path ways by placing promotional displays for maximal impact. Data retrieved from path ways can also influence the rental prices.

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