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The application of people counting on any people traffic area provides visitor’s data and enables the statistical knowledge of transits, analysis of tendencies, etc.

Knowing how many visitors an establishment gets, what are the days and hours of highest traffic, how they are distributed and how they behave, will allow managers and owners to adjust the personnel to client flow, to know the business better and to make decisions that will improve its profitability.

Our People Counting units perform video based people counting. The units incorporate intelligent sensors that analyse the images from the CCTV cameras placed on an overhead position over the desired areas. They work with standard cameras and do not require additional hardware or software installations or equipment.

The data can be consulted via TCP/IP (Internet, LAN, WAN…) from any PC or laptop by accessing the interface of the unit or by using the software PeCo-Graph; an application that aids the collection, analysis and graphical representation of the counting data from multiple units transforming them in useful information for management purposes.

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Counting people can be applicable in many ways and circumstances. By counting your visitors or customers, you are able to get more insights in your revenue, make predictions and make better decisions.

We deliver a simple, easy-to-learn and follow people counting system. Then we help you execute just like we’re part of your team.

  • Maximum return and performance

  • Highest return through knowledge of the behaviour of your visitors, passers-by and customers


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